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Freelance PADI Course Director

PADI Course Directors have reached the highest and most elite level of diving instructor. These directors teach IDC training and other instructor-level training courses. Becoming a Course Director involves a competitive application process that considers your diving experience, teaching ability and training goals. 

Not only is Tati a well-respected Course Director, but she is one of the few in the industry that PADI has recognized with their Platinum Award – which is the highest rating that any Course Director can receive.  As a Platinum Course Director, Tati has authorized over 30 DM/AI/OWSI and/or IDCSI certifications, over 100 instructor level certifications and maintained a 70% instructor level continuing education ratio. 

Throughout your scuba instructor training, you can draw from the wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience that Tati has accumulated in her two decades plus of professional scuba diving.